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Traffic Control
Allow, restrict, or disallow? Pulse Secure Policy Secure helps provide the answer with real-time visibility of security access policies.

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Any modern business must grapple with external malicious threats that target the enterprise network. Recent IT transformations like BYOD, cloud services, and the Internet of Things only expand the attack surface, making the network more porous and harder to secure. In this environment, IT administrators must constantly review and adapt infrastructure and security policies. Granular access and control is now a priority for today's IT teams, which must apply context-aware policies to keep company data secure and maintain compliance - without undermining network performance. 


Today's organizations need a mobility-ready network access control (NAC) and BYOD solution that resides on the network, and provides IT administrators with the visibility and granular control to:

Related challenges organizations typically face include:

Resource-strapped IT teams.
BYOD, mobile workers, and virtual offices only make it more challenging for overburdened IT personnel to deliver enterprise-grade security, manageability, and interoperability.

Higher operational overhead.
Disparate systems and bolt-on feature solutions add to operational costs, increase maintenance, and planning complexity, and necessitate expanded training.

Workforce productivity hurdles.
Complex security solutions can prevent anytime-anywhere workers from accessing corporate networks and enterprise resources quickly and easily, and inhibit collaboration.


Want to ensure that only those users and devices compliant with your policies can access enterprise data in the cloud or datacenter? Pulse Secure Policy Secure makes it possible. Policy Secure is a mobile-ready NAC and BYOD solution with a context-aware policy engine that analyzes user, role, device, location, time, network, and application for enforcing granular policies. Along with Pulse Secure Connect Secure and Pulse Secure Workspace, Policy Secure is the industry's first SSL VPN and NAC joint-solution with a unified client that addresses today's BYOD challenges, such as on-site or remote onboarding of devices. With Policy Secure, IT administrators have never had it so easy.