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Pulse Secure NAC Promo
Replace your NAC with end-to-end Zero Trust access Security

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This promotion is no longer available, please contact us for other promotions/offers.


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Until December 31st, 2020 Pulse offers a NAC trade-in promotion::

Replace your existing Cisco ISE, Forescout CounterACT, Aruba ClearPass or FortiNAC/Bradford Network Sentry install with a Pulse Policy Secure solution and get the appliances for free*!

With Pulse Secure, you get:

  • End-to-end Zero Trust access security
  • Reduced TCO
  • Complete visibility of local and remote endpoints, including IoT
  • Bidirectional integration with leading SIEM and NGFWs to increase overall security efficacy
  • Deployment flexibility:
    • Pulse Policy Secure runs on-premise or in the cloud
    • Agent or agentless
    • 802.1X for true Zero Trust Access Security, SNMP/CLI control also supported


  • Replace your existing 3rd party NAC with Pulse Policy Secure NAC
  • Free* Pulse Appliance (PSA) for deployment of comparable scale


* Hardware or virtual appliance. Support fee for virtual appliance. / * Discount applies to replacement of comparable scale, reviewed by account team

5 Reasons Why Pulse Secure is Better

Superior Security

  • End-to-end visibility with centralized profiling and control of endpoints
  • Granular control of endpoint security posture
  • Full Zero Trust Network Access with industry standard AAA

Superior Design

  • Tight integration with Pulse Connect Secure (VPN)
  • Enables Hybrid IT
  • Bi-directional integration with Ecosystem

Better Scalability and Availability

  • Scale up to 50,000 endpoints on a single appliance
  • Built-in RADIUS server
  • Optimal Gateway Selection

Better User Experience

Icon-User Experience
  • Smooth roaming between VPN and on-premises
  • Unified client for VPN and NAC

Deployment Flexibility

  • Physical or virtual appliances
  • On-prem or cloud management
  • Agent or agentless

5 Reasons to Adopt Zero Trust Network Security Today

COVID-19 left remote endpoints untreated

During the WFH surge, many endpoints have not received the regular IT updates and maintenance. PPS ensures endpoints are up to date when they return to the office.

Device prolifertaion has increased the attack surface

IoT and BYOD devices on the network need to be validated, controlled and monitored.

Prevalence of Shadow IT

Shadow IT increases the risk of threats entering the network unmonitored and the compromise of critical data.

Continuously Evolving Threat Landscape

You never know when your network is vulnerable to a new type of threat – inside or outside..

Visibility Gaps

You can’t secure what you cannot see. Gain full visibility into your network with the ability to act in real time.

Change to Pulse Secure Zero Trust NAC now

Term period: valid through December 31, 2020. Terms, details, and restrictions subject to change without notice.

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