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Pulse Secure ICE to Subscription Promo

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This promotion is no longer available, please contact us for other promotions/offers.


Plan Effective Remote Workforce Capacity Requirements

Remote Workforce is the new normal. Pulse Secure Remote Access(PCS) Subscription licenses are better suited for the new workstyle.

The offer

In response to unprecedented global conditions, organizations throughout the world are planning and addressing rapid shifts that impact workforces. At the same time, workers are expected to be highly productive and service their customers with the same level of quality when working from a central office.

Pulse Secure is advising customers to review their needs and look for a more suitable licensing model - PCS subscription licenses - which provides longterm coverage for the remote workers. A limited duration license, such as ICE license(initially designed for shorter-duration events like winter snowstorms) is not enough in situations like COVID-19. PCS Subscription licenses, on the other hand, provide enough Secure Remote Access capacity for at least one year. This capacity will be usefull not only in the current situation, but also for the future on maintaining business continuity.

To help our customers ensure long-term Remote Access coverage for their workforce, Pulse Secure is offering the ICE_to_Subscription program that will provide 20% additional PCS subscription licenses FOR FREE on the quantity that the customer is planning to buy. Requirement of min. 50 users.

  PCS Subscription** ICE
Use Case Customers want to increase capacity for medium- to long-term periods Customers want to increase capacity for short periods of time. For example, a severe winter snowstorm forces users to work from home for several days.
Validity period 1-Year and 3-Year options 8 weeks
Installation Can be installed on centralized licensing server or on the appliance directly. Licenses can be leased from licensing server. Supports PCS Clustering. Must be installed on the appliance itself.
Renewal Renewable after subscription period ends A new ICE license must be installed after 8 weeks.


Increased remote access capacity for at least 1 year

Exclusive to customers who bought ICE license in Q1 & Q2 2020

Customers get 20%* more subscription licenses over the ordered quantity.

Boosts remote worker productivity in long-term

Deployed rapidly, scalable without compromising on performance, user experience or security

* Conditions apply. valid on orders until December 31st 2020
** Available as stand-alone PCS license & with Pulse Access Suite Plus
Requirement: Minimum 50 users

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