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Data Roamers
Pulse Connect Secure enables secure, remote access that's scalable and reliable - without mobile blind spots.

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Today's organizations need to empower their mobile and remote workers - including contractors, partners, teleworkers, and employees at branch offices - with simple, secure, and seamless connectivity to enterprise services in the datacenter and cloud. Many try to support these "data roamers" in their workforce with access security solutions that claim to be "next-gen" and "user-friendly." But they often end up with an array of complex, inflexible, and hard-to-support technologies that undermine the user experience and fail to provide end-to-end security.


These organizations also typically face:

Increased compliance risks.
Rapid introduction of BYOD and cloud-based services, devices, and new business models heightens the risk of data leakage - and adds to the complexity of security and compliance enforcement.

"Security silo" proliferation.
Deployment of mobile gateways and traditional VPN solutions increase overhead, maintenance, and planning complexity, and the need for expanded training.

Technology barriers to productivity.
Complex security solutions and processes can prevent anytime-anywhere workers from accessing corporate networks and resources quickly, easily, and at business-critical moments.


With Pulse Connect Secure, your data roamers can work from any "desk" they want to - their home, a train, or a wireless hotspot in a park - without worries about data security or connectivity headaches. Pulse Connect Secure is a proven SSL VPN secure mobility solution that provides users fast, optimized access to a rich set of apps and services, while ensuring a consistent experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones - including personal mobile devices. It's scalable and reliable, and won't keep you in the dark about mobile blind spots.