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Guest User Support
Pulse Policy Secure gives all users the freedom to work anywhere using preferred devices - while enforcing granular access and uniform compliance.

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Fluid. Open. Collaborative. These are just some words to describe the work environment for modern enterprises. Their workforces can include thousands of guests, visitors, contractors, business partners, and other non-employee staff at any given time. And all of these users need - and expect - on-demand connectivity to the enterprise network. IT teams are under pressure to provide these users with access to authorized network resources and apps. The added complication? This access must be provided automatically, regardless of a user's location, device type, or device ownership.


Today's organizations need a comprehensive, BYOD-ready network access control (NAC) solution that is easy to deploy and manage and provides:

Other challenges these organizations face include:

Lack of visibility.
As the workplace evolves and the borderless network expands, IT teams struggle to maintain visibility of user access to enterprise data in both the cloud and data center.

Increased exposure to cyber threats.
The rapid proliferation of endpoints and evolution toward the Internet of Things provides more avenues for malicious threats to compromise users and infiltrate corporate networks.

Reduced workforce productivity.
Limited access to network resources and apps and the inability to use preferred devices for work undermines satisfaction and productivity for all guest users - from contractors to business partners.


Pulse Secure Policy Secure is helping to adapt network security to the rapidly changing workplace. It's a centrally managed, mobile-ready NAC and BYOD solution with a context-aware policy engine that analyzes user, role, device, location, time, network, and application for enforcing granular policies. Instead of restricting guest user access to network resources and apps as a security measure, IT teams can increase user productivity and satisfaction with Pulse Policy Secure. Integrated BYOD onboarding enables guest users to access the resources they need using preferred devices. With Pulse Policy Secure, all guest users are supported, IT's job is (a little) easier, and security and compliance are assured.